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Hello, and thanks for visiting my site! I am a professional character animator currently based in the LA area. I am familiar with some of the leading 2D and 3D animation software, although I specialize in Toon Boom Harmony, and I am practiced in web design and other forms of art as well. I earned my BFA in Character Animation from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit in 2011, and have been living in the San Fernando Valley with my wife since then.

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Space Ladies 03
July 1, 2022
This space lady AI creation was requested by @gamerguy01987!
Space Ladies 02
June 23, 2022
Space Ladies 01
June 19, 2022
I'm drawing space women based on AI-generated images. This is the first one :) Try it yourself on craiyon.com. Reply, comment, or email halsteadart@gmail.com with your own AI-generated space women, and maybe I'll draw one!
Blight Rig v01
June 13, 2021
I wanted to stress test v01 of my Blight dragon rig (made with Toon Boom Harmony), by finding out how close I could match the rig to my hand-drawn Twitch emotes. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, and I learned some ways to improve the rig and my animation for next time. For example, in the future I'd like to try starting with frame-by-frame roughs to help the animation look snappier and more expressive.

Some elements of the rig:
- 180 degrees of tweening
- Master controllers for head and body rotation, and posing the spine
- Feet are IK with built-in squash and stretch, and can do FK too
- Spring constraint on the tail for optional automated bounce
- Mouth includes poseable teeth, gums, and tongue, plus a controller widget
- Pupils have constraints to behave like they're sliding over a sphere

The rig is a bit heavier than I'd hoped, and some features I thought would be useful are just adding needless complexity. So I have plans for a v02! But first... I should probably start building some of the other characters!

Elektra Detail
April 15, 2021
Detail of one of my personal fav drawings from my previous post: Elektra from Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. It was actually a fun challenge trying to match the style of her design. I might try drawing her again sometime.
Sketch Sesh Collage
April 12, 2021
Sometimes on Saturdays I join a group of other artists to chat & draw. It's always a fun time! Here's a collection of some of the good, the bad, and the ugly of what I've drawn for these. You can check out the most recent on my Twitch channel! https://twitch.tv/JucoStream
WIP: Blight Dragon Rig
March 21, 2021
I've been hard at work on a new Toon Boom Harmony rig for my character Blight. Decided to give it a test run today. Almost ready to start adding Master Controller poses!
Fox Adventurer Challenge
November 24, 2020
Here's my entry for this month's Character Design Challenge for a "Fox Adventurer!" I'm also posting my original full-detail piece. I ended up muting the background and foreground art for my submission, to make it more in line with the rules of the challenge. This was a lot of fun... I'm starting to look for a more consistent "style" in my art.
Primal Head Witch
November 2, 2020
I hope everyone had a magical Halloween weekend! Beware of ancient evils... I love the design of the Head Witch's demon form from the most recent episode of Primal. Looking forward to the season finale! Made in Toon Boom Harmony during yesterday's art stream, here: twitch.tv/JucoStream
Among Us is a Mood
September 23, 2020
Thanks for the Follows!
September 21, 2020
I made a new Wrack & Blight animation to thank my 300 Twitter followers! Also planning to use it for my Twitch stream.
Who Is Watching The Owl House?
August 31, 2020
Have you seen the season finale for The Owl House? I really liked this mysterious character. I wonder who they are?
Blight Emotes
August 29, 2020
Wrack & Blight are my black and white dragon characters. Blight is the mascot for most of my social media, so here's a preview of her emotes I've been making for my Twitch stream: https://twitch.tv/jucostream These will eventually be available for my subscribers to use in any Twitch chat... that is, if I get enough subscribers to unlock them! ;P
Stream Sketches
August 28, 2020
I took some sketch requests during my most recent stream, at https://twitch.tv/jucostream!
1) Gabiru, That Time I Reincarnated as a Slime - Arkrados
2) Meicoomon, Digimon Adventure TRI & Zeoka - ZeokaWolfHusky
Marcy Has Arrived
August 15, 2020
She's finally here! I finished this piece of Amphibia art during today's Twitch stream at http://twitch.tv/jucostream
Returning to streaming, on Twitch
August 13, 2020
I'm revamping my old Twitch account and starting a new streaming schedule! Still working out the kinks and final designs, but come and see at https://www.twitch.tv/jucostream! Here are some sketches from last night's practice stream:
Sailor Moon Redraw
May 24, 2020
My shot at the #sailormoonredraw. This was fun
Inktober Day 31: Ripe
November 1, 2019
A bit late, but I did it! This is the first time I've completed a daily drawing month, and I had a lot of fun exploring some of my "Dragons' Egg" ideas. Thanks to everyone who followed along! Did you piece together some of the underlying story? Do you have a favorite? Let me know!
Inktober Day 30: Catch
October 31, 2019
Inktober Day 29: Injured
October 31, 2019
He really should not have done that...  
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